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The purpose of liability insurance is to ensure the financial stability of the company by covering the costs associated with claims compensation, regulatory proceedings and potential criminal proceedings that may arise in connection with the operations of the company and its employees.

General liability insurance provides financial protection for third-party claims against the company arising from general perils for which you are responsible.

Even with a strong commitment to workplace safety, accidents do happen, and employees may seek legal action. Employer’s liability insurance can help cover the legal costs and settlements associated with such claims. Prioritizing a safe work environment, extensive training and risk mitigation strategies can further reduce the likelihood of employee injury and potential liability.

Manufacturer’s liability insurance is also relevant for companies that manufacture or only sell them. Insofar as there is a risk of damage to the property or health of consumers due to your sold products and the associated possibility of possible product recall procedures from the market, it is recommended to also consider taking out Product Recall Insurance.

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