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In Slovenia, we are significantly exposed to the consequences of natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, hail and floods. Business stability also depends on individual unpredictable events (fire, explosion, burglary, etc.).

With many years of experience in creating insurance programs for the largest Slovenian companies as well as arranging insurance for international companies in Slovenia and the wider region, our experts offer you solutions adapted to the needs of your company or the specifics of the company’s activities and business and natural environment.

At Advisio, we follow the belief that it is primarily important to insure against risks that the company is unable to absorb with its own capital and that may threaten the existence of the company. All other insurances are a matter of the individual’s attitude to risks or financial capabilities of the company.

Typical property insurances:

  • fire and earthquake insurance
  • business interruption insurance
  • burglary and commercial crime insurance  
  • construction and erection all risks insurance
  • machinery breakdown insurance
  • other property insurances
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