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Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve |
Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve |

We provide insurance solutions available in the international as well as the local insurance markets. Insurance broker is not an insurance agent or representative of insurance company. We are independent experts who find the most suitable insurance solutions on your behalf, even for the most complex insurances.

Our services include:

  • risk assessment
  • submission preparation for insurance markets and offers comparison
  • recommendation for binding instruction
  • claims services

We are your advisor, partner in transferring risks to the insurance company and we provide your freedom of choice when insurance matters are in question.

Why Advisio
Advisio | Zavarovalne Rešitve | Awards

Nr.1 in Slovenia and leading in Adriatic region

But still specialized in complex insurance solutions for companies.

Advisio | Zavarovalne Rešitve | Strokovnost


Our team includes experienced professionals with knowledge of and operations in local and international insurance markets. Successfully restructured many insurance programs for the largest companies in the region.

Advisio | Zavarovalne Rešitve |


We provide you with tailor made and advanced solutions. Independently. Your interest comes first, also when dealing with claims.

Advisio | Zavarovalne Rešitve | Llyods

Lloyd's of London

As the only one in the region with a Broker at Lloyd’s license, we provide access to the largest insurance market in the world as well as other international insurance companies in Europe.

Insurance Solutions
Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Cyber (kibernetsko) zavarovanje


Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Zavarovanje poklicne odgovornosti

Professional Indemnity
(E&O) Insurance

Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | D&O zavarovanje (managerska odgovornost)

Management Liability
(D&O) Insurance

Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Zavarovanje splošne, proizvajalčeve in delodajalčeve odgovornosti

Corporate Risk
- Casualty Insurance

Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Premoženjska zavarovanja

Corporate Risk
- Property Insurance

Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Zavarovanja za motivacijo zaposlenih


Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Transakcijsko W&I zavarovanje

(W&I) Risk

Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Zavarovanja za finančne institucije


Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve | Ostala zavarovanja


Leading insurance brokers in Adriatic region
Premium annualy placed in insurance markets
Largest insurance broker in Slovenia
Insurance companies activelly approched for our clients
Satisfied clients, mostly largest and successful companies in the Region

Appointing insurance broker adds no additional cost for you. Usually, the insurance program cost is reduced due to our ability to create a competitive environment and using our negotiation skills in your favour. A common approach for company’s insurance program management, which can focus on their core business activities.

Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve |
Advisio | Zavarovalne rešitve |

Advisio d.o.o.
Tehnološki park 22a
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 25 60 477

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