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What is executive liability insurance or D&O (Directors & Officers) insurance?

It is a form of insurance that protects directors, members of the supervisory board and other employees with a decision-making function against the occurrence of legal representation costs and other costs or damages for which they may be personally responsible for payment.

Tailored coverage that gives you financial security

The Advisio team is specialized in designing management liability coverage tailored to your needs. We are the leading D&O insurance broker  the region. Annually, we place more than €5 million D&O premium annualy on the insurance market. Our experienced team of internal lawyers takes care of the coordination of the activities between you, insurance company and your lawyers.

We are proud of our service capabilities, which we provide both to the largest companies in the region as well as to innovative companies that achieve their growth in demanding international markets. D&O insurance is designed in such a way that it offers managers and companies financial security in an increasingly regulated environment.

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