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Event Cancellation Insurance

With Event Cancellation Insurance, the organizer of the event can insure the income expected from the event and the tickets sold or the costs and loss of profit suffered due to the cancellation, postponement, interruption, restriction, relocation or withdrawal from the event for reasons that they do not depend on the event organizer.

Some of these reasons may include adverse weather conditions (storm, rain, snow, hail, etc.), limited access to the venue (fire, earthquake, flood, power outage, etc.), riots, labor strikes, threats or acts of terrorism, and outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Commercial Crime Insurance

Every company can also be exposed to the risk of crime. The latter may involve one’s own employees, third parties, or a combination of both with the aim of achieving personal gain, so potential losses in the company may have major operational and financial consequences. The company can protect itself from the aforementioned problems with criminal insurance, which covers damage caused by (just a few insurance clauses below):

  • dishonesty of employees
  • forgeries and falsifications
  • theft of money and securities
  • burglary, robbery or vandalism
  • computer fraud or scams
  • social engineering
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